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​2-Year Old -Preschool Class


The early level of the Curriculum for Excellence involves preschool and Primary 1 children.

The early level outcomes and experiences involved in these areas are all closely linked to young children’s development and learning. All activities in Preschool are based on integrated and purposeful play experiences for our children.

All children will have the opportunity to enjoy experiences in all areas. Children will vary considerably in the pace at which they develop and progress.

Our children are regularly involved in their own learning and mind maps of their ideas are made with the children. Staff further develop the children’s ideas by creating possible lines of development. Staff observe children during activities and their reactions influence the next steps for our children.

Staff also plan targeted learning and assessment activities within these 8 subject areas to note the development of each child in each subject area.

The findings of these assessments will be recorded termly in the child’s file which is available to the parents/ carers at all times

​Health and Wellbeing

Our children need to be independent, responsible, feel safe and confident about themselves.

Forming relationships is about communication, about feeling they belong and recognising that their lives are connected with other people. We follow a multi- cultural approach in all our activities.

We promote healthy eating and the children are encouraged to taste different foods. Children follow healthy care routines and brush their teeth after snack. Children have daily opportunities to be involved in physical activities both indoors and outdoors. Activities to develop their fine motor skills are planned on a daily basis.

Literacy and English

Children’s communication and language skills begin soon after birth and include body language and gesture, facial expression and movement as well as through talk. Children’s language development is central to their abilities to communicate in relationships and learning. Children are encouraged to enjoy all aspects of language and develop their skills. Activities include discussions, play experiences, visits, books, computer, stories, role play, drawings and scribbling ideas.

​Numeracy and Mathematics


Children are involved daily in activities which promote development of mathematical ideas. Opportunities for mathematical thinking arise in play situations in all areas of the playgroup – sand and water play/ baking/ model making/ construction toys/ role play/ small world toys/ computer/ snack time etc. Children are also encouraged to play games, make puzzles, match and sort items to develop their mathematical skills. Children are involved in counting, measuring, using shapes, handling money and making charts or graphs of their findings. Children are actively involved and activities are related to real-life situations

​Expressive Arts

Children have many opportunities on a daily basis to be creative in the four Expressive Arts areas.


Art and Design

Children use all kinds of media to express their ideas and feelings – painting/ drawing/ play-dough/ model making/ collage/ computer/ clay etc. Children are encouraged to express their ideas about their own and others art work to help develop their awareness of themselves and the real world.


Children sing and explore musical instruments on a daily basis. Children are encouraged to listen and respond to different types of music.


Children are encouraged to take part in different dance activities. These involve free movement and more structured activities to develop confidence in body movements. Children are asked to show their ideas to others if they wish.


Role-play is promoted in all areas of the playgroup – children freely move around creating their own imaginative settings,-picnics/ school/ visits etc. Small world toys, puppets, books, imaginative play areas, outdoors are all used by children in a variety of dramatic ways.


Early computer skills are developed to enable children to become more confident in using a mouse and touch pad and completing basic computer functions e.g. to print, load programme.

Children become familiar with different technologies which we use regularly – fridge, cooker, freezer, scales, recycling process etc.

Our children learn to plan designs and make models from a variety of materials and construction equipment.



We promote opportunities and play experiences which encourage our children to investigate and experiment. We aim to develop their awareness and understanding of planet Earth, forces, Electricity, and Waves, their Bodies and different materials. Relevant play experiences are set up to develop understanding in a meaningful manner for our children – growing plants, experiments with water, making toys move, posters, making musical instruments, using different senses etc.

​Social Studies

We encourage our children to become aware of their local environment and the different roles people have and how they help us. Children are involved in visits to the surrounding area and then further develop their knowledge and understanding by playing in relevant role-play situations e.g. the new housing development > builders are in the nursery. We want children to develop a caring attitude for the environment and promote this idea when appropriate – planting bulbs/ no litter/ recycling, etc.

Religious and Moral Education

Children are encouraged to become more aware of Christianity and other world religions by introducing appropriate stories, images, music and poems.

hildren gradually become aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and experience customs in people’s lives. Children are encouraged to talk about their own experiences.

Children develop their respect and understanding of others’ beliefs and values. As children play and learn, they gradually develop an understanding of what is fair and unfair. Positive behaviour is always promoted in the playgroup and we want our children to understand why caring and sharing is important.

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